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Hello. I am Fabio Luis, a graphic designer and audio producer, always looking for my next challenge.

Passionate for design, technology lover, extreme perfectionist, always in search of a new challenge, a new dream. I am always learning new techniques, looking to improve myself. I am a team player, and I believe that with hard work and fun, I can achieve great results.

Every since I first touched a computer keyboard in 1987, I have always developed for the graphic design industry. What once started as a hobby, is now as a life philosophy. My mission is to always innovate, and create pieces of art to the best of my abilities. I use a unique vision, emphasizing on the client's market, focusing on the final customer. Passing on the message, with passion. More than just a piece of advertising, when done right a final piece is a statement.

Lights, camera, creation

During the creation process I sketch, research, make mistakes. That's all part of the game.

I am a perfectionist, and I am always in search of a different, better perspective. A view from a different angle can produce that spark that will lead to a unique road.

your needs, my priority

There is nothing more important than a deadline. I use all my availability to achieve the best result possible. Correcting errors, proposing changes, innovating, so the client will have the best design possible.

Competitive and fair pricing

If we are talking freelance, rest assured my prices are very competitive and fair. I will also revise the project until you are satisfied.

I am always available for hire and for freelance work. Check out part of my portfolio below, and get in touch with me for an interview.

Whether your needs are for paper or web, digital or print, I am here for you.

As a creative professional, I offer a multitude of design and creation services, that will help your business be seen (and heard) in today's competitive market.


  • Logos
  • Signatures
  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Letterheads


  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Covers
  • Tables of content
  • Spreads

Advertising & Marketing

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Gifts
  • T-shirts
  • Bags

Cover Art

  • Album artwork
  • Playlist artwork
  • Party flyers

Photo Treatment

  • Photo touch-up
  • Collages
  • Restoration
  • Digitalization

Audio Creation & Editing

  • Radio spots
  • Vignettes
  • Mixed sets
  • E-music production
  • Audio restoration

You can view and download my resume and a mini-portfolio in Adobe PDF format below.

Fabio Luis Resume
Fabio Luis Resume

Fabio Luis Mini-Portfolio
Fabio Luis Mini-Portfolio
Printable, high quality (30Mb)

To download, right-click the icon and choose "Save as...".